"Known as a performance coach to Financial Consultants and Agency Leaders, who can guide you to build and scale an advisory service based business"

Dylan Wong is a Managing Partner with IAM Advisory Group, a group of agency units representing HSBC Life Singapore. Known as a coach, speaker, and mentor to agency leaders and financial consultants, Dylan specializes in training and coaching these aspiring individuals in the financial services industry to build and scale a highly professional and profitable practice with his transformational training  programs and proprietary wealth strategies.

Over the years, Dylan stands among the Top 1 % of Financial Professionals in the world as he qualified for numerous accreditations like MDRT, Top Rookie and Top Manager in both Recruitment and Team Sales.

He firmly believes everyone deserve a chance to fulfil their fullest potential and dreams regardless of their academic qualification or past experience. What truly sets Dylan apart is his dedication in helping underdogs rise above adversity and granting them a second chance at life.

Today, Dylan has realigned his focus to champion the "More Happier Easier" movement as well as mentoring some of the best agency leaders and sales practitioners, empowering them to create business breakthroughs and make their mark on the Singapore financial services landscape.

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How I Started My Journey

Born in malaysia and raised by my single mum in Singapore, throughout my life, I was often taught, reminded and chided to study hard as that will lead to going to a good university and then securing an excellent job with good income. So study hard I did.

Then upon graduation day on sharing the good news with my mum on my acceptance into a local university? I was met with a sinking realisation that university was not going to be a walk in the park as we did not have sufficient savings to pay for the school fees.

After much thoughts, I figured that I don’t want to get myself into more student debts while dread going to school to study something I wasn’t interested in, just for the sake of the certificate. That was when I started asking myself: what do I really want in life? Can this paper qualification get me what I want?

As I reflected, I discovered that I wanted to have choices in life. I want to be able to take care of myself and my family financially and not having to worry about money. I don’t want to see my mum working non-stop, living paycheck to paycheck, stressing and worrying about money every month.

So I know that to turn my life around, I’ve got to do something different from my peers. I needed a career with higher income potential enabling me to grow not just in financial means to provide for my family but also as a person. That was when I started searching for opportunities online and offline.  Light at the end of the tunnel came when I met a mentor who was willing to groom me under his wing. After several discussions, I decided to take a leap of faith, burnt my bridges and started my career with him in the financial sector. 

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Why Coach?

When I first started my journey, with little to zero experience in sales, marketing and business, I was stumped on who to share the services I provided. The little if not tiny network of friends I had were mostly either still schooling or were still serving National Service. As such? I resolved to test EVERY traditional cold prospecting method there was in the book. From cold-calling, street canvassing, roadshow; you name it, I tried it. I had very little sales and felt really lousy in the first 3 months. Time was "running out" and I was near quitting.

What I didn’t realize was that getting clients and building business was a learn-able skill and the whole time I always thought it was just talent. That's when I did a business review with my mentor and he spent the next few months helping me to developed a proven client aquisition system, my life turned around and I generated my first six-figure annual income before turning 23 year old. That year I qualified for my Million Dollar Round Table(MDRT), eventually, I was elected as Top Manager in both recruitment and team production and became one of the youngest Financial Services Director before turning 26 years old.

That's when I've friends and colleagues started asking me on how I got from where I was to where I am. From the conversation I had with them, I realised that many struggled simply because they lack the right proven method, mentor and environment. It pains me seeing hard working talents filled with so much potential settling for less and being mediocre with some even leaving the industry. 

I know how it feels to be struggling and I want to give back and transfer my knowledge and skills to help those that were once in my shoes by coaching them on the strategies and mindset needed to build a highly profitable professional practice.


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